Wool for Winter: Reasons Wool is the Best Blanket Material


Blankets are your best defence against the cold weather during winter slumber. They help regulate your body temperature and keep you warm while asleep during the cold season. As winter temperatures in Australia can drop as low as 15 degree Celsius, it’s important to have wool blankets and throws for protection against the winter’s chilling breeze and a good night’s sleep.


Perfect for Winter

Blankets come in different materials, including cotton, wool, and fleece. Of all the types, however, wool blankets protect the body best in cold temperatures. Wool blankets are made of fibres of fleece that come from sheep, lamb, and other closely related animals.

An Excellent Insulator

Wool is an excellent insulator. Its natural fibres absorb and evaporate moisture quickly, helping the body maintain a consistent temperature. According to the International textile Organisation, wool’s insulating property ensures that temperature changes in bedding is slower than the changes in ambient temperature.

Resisting Moisture

Wool blankets can wick away moisture quickly, making it an ideal choice for people living in damper regions and climates. As the wool resists moisture, it also resists the growth of germs and bacteria that may cause allergies.

With its many benefits, wool is perhaps the best material for blankets. Wool blankets ensure a good night’s sleep during the cool winter months.