Why Your Office Design Matters

Office Design

If you’ve been searching for an office design for your workplace, you might have come across some awesome examples. A famous one is Google’s HQ along with many other startups. However, why are companies so invested in creating beautiful workspaces? Why are they so willing to incorporate “nap places” or “resting rooms” in their workplace instead of just adding more workstations?

Here are some reasons why companies are so willing to spend their money in an attractive office, from the walls, the office furniture, to the workspace solutions they implement.

Clients and Potential Employees Will Search For You

Potential employees thinking about joining your company would likely do a quick online search. Would they get excited at the first image they see of your office? An attractive workplace is another reason why people would like to work with you.

In addition, clients will also want to find out more about your company. If they see photos of an uninspiring workplace, and yet you offer creative services, your potential clients would doubt if your company really has what it takes.

It’s Part of the Brand

Offices now aren’t just places where you work. They are now part of the company image. An office must reflect the organisation’s values and shows off their goals and ideals. An energetic sports start-up might fit in a table football in the pantry, or an architecture firm can include amazing sculptural pieces in its offices – it’s all about making it professional.

Think of the Employees

A functional and comfortable office will be more inviting to employees. They would be more willing to stay longer and look forward to coming in during the mornings.  The office should give them the comfort and space they need to be more creative and improve their productivity.

While generic desks and cubicles still work, companies can certainly do more than that. Modern office design is not about hammocks as chairs or artificial indoor pools, or trends that might come and go. It’s all about keeping a workplace productive, while making it interesting at the same time.