Why Organic Herbal Teas are Superior to Instant Teas

lavender and chamomile tea

Drinking tea has been popular in most parts of the world, especially in Asian and European countries. However, herbal teas are slowly gaining popularity because of the health benefits they bring. Herbal teas are infusions of plant materials in hot water. The variety of infusions brings about a wide range of flavors, as well as irresistible combinations.

An organic herbal tea is a tea minus the chemical pesticides and fertilizers. That alone makes it significantly better than the instant herbal teas on the market. Below are three additional reasons organic herbal teas reign supreme.

Natural flavor

Organic herbal teas have a more natural flavor, having gone through fewer procedures and chemical changes. Flavors are distinct and free from the changes a chemical reaction may produce.

Instant teas, especially iced tea mixes, have gone through several processes that bring about changes to the natural flavor of their ingredients. Though instant tea may be more convenient, the natural flavor is sacrificed in return.

More Nutrients

The process of producing instant tea significantly robs the natural ingredients of some of their nutrients. The fewer processes involved usually translates to more nutrients preserved. Compared to an instant tea in powdered form, an organic herbal tea underwent fewer processes, locking in the nutrients your body needs.

Less Chemicals

Organic teas have not gone through any drastic processes compared to their instant counterparts. Instant teas have undergone extraction, concentration, and drying — processes that change the chemical makeup of the tea and other ingredients involved. Most instant teas, especially iced tea mixes, also have preservatives and additional chemicals to enhance solubility.

There’s a variety of herbal teas on the market. Whether you drink for pleasure or for health, it’s always best to choose organic herbal teas over the instant ones. It may not be as convenient and easy to prepare, but the extra effort translates to better flavor and more health benefits.