Why Cargo Rollers are Required for Fast Delivery Processing

Warehouse Cargo Loading System

Air cargo requires containers of distinct shape and specification. The delivery of these containers also requires cargo rollers for easy transport. As such, the importance of expediting cargo cannot be emphasized enough. Although air cargo represents a small percentage of cargos worldwide, especially in terms of weight, it represents a significant amount in terms of value.

The Value in Air Cargo

Air cargo represents about 0.5% by weight of all cargo delivered worldwide. However, this small amount represents 30% to 35% of total shipping value. In terms of carrying capacity, approximately 60% of all air cargo is handled by a cargo-only aircraft. The remaining 40% is flown via passenger airlines. In 2012, IATA airlines moved more than 42.6 million tons of cargo.

Moving by Air

Air freight is more expensive than land or sea travel. The volume may be almost insignificant, but the total worth of the cargo has a higher value than comparable shipping by sea or land. There are several reasons for this discrepancy. Primarily, air freight items cost more. There’s also a more pressing need for items to get to their destination. Also, you have to take note of landlocked countries.

Express delivery by courier and delivery companies almost exclusively use air freight. Flown by air, an item can be on the other side of the world in less than 20 hours. In contrast, it can take anywhere from two weeks to two months for a cargo to get to their destination if shipped on a boat.

The main limitation for not using an air freight delivery system is the cost of delivery. Shipping by land and sea is less expensive. If the recipient can wait for the delivery, they can save a lot of money with their products. Choosing a delivery method depends on whether the item is needed immediately and if the shipper can afford the fees for faster delivery.