Who’s the Crook: Misaligned Teeth Problems Among Teens

misalign teeth

misalign teethOne of the most common dental problems of teens is crooked teeth. Many experience difficulties in teeth cleaning and chewing food because of misaligned and crowded teeth. Aside from these physical inconveniences, some claim that their self-esteem is also affected. They avoid conversations or smiling and laughing in public as they are afraid of being teased or bullied by other teens.

During puberty where social acceptance, pleasing appearance and self-esteem matter most, having crooked teeth is a really big problem.

The Crooks

One of the common misalignments of teeth among teens is the overbite, or “buck teeth”. The upper front teeth sticks out, not meeting the lower set of teeth. Underbite refers to the lower front teeth biting in front of the upper. There are also cases of crossbite, where a tooth is closer to the lining of the cheek or tongue, not meeting the opposite tooth in the upper or lower jaw.

Open bite describes the misalignment that occurs when there’s a space in between the upper and lower jaw, even when the mouth is closed. Experts from sparkledentaljoondalup.com.au say that thumb sucking and tongue thrusting may cause the dental problem.

The Treatments

Orthodontic treatments are the solution to misaligned teeth. There are fixed and removable mouth appliances attached to the teeth to fix their position. Braces are one of the most common treatments and some dental clinics choose to use Damon braces for in teenagers because they offer quicker treatment results. Most teenagers hesitate, but because Damon braces reduce treatment time, young people will just have to endure in a short period of time. Furthermore, Damon braces are less obvious than the traditional ones, an aesthetic advantage for teens.

Crooked teeth, a dental problem that causes physical inconvenience, affects the self-image and confidence of teens. Fortunately, there are treatments they may get to get their smile back and be confident when socialising with peers.

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