When Used Cars Become a Passion: Restoring a Beater

Restoring Old Cars in Auckland The problem with buying a used car is you don’t know what will go wrong in the future, especially if the car looks old and beat-up. If you likewise got it for a low price, you can’t help but wonder if there’s a nasty surprise under its hood that you didn’t catch during the inspection.

This is a risk that used car buyers know and live with. There are many reasons they still do it, though. These include:

  • Lower prices
  • More affordable insurance
  • Slower rate of market value depreciation
  • Vehicle no longer in production (sentimental reasons)
  • Better aftermarket support for some makes and models

To avoid buying a ‘lemon’ or a ‘beater’, use this list of reminders:

  • Research on the make and model
  • Find out if it has a good reputation in the used car market
  • Read up on the aftermarket support and OEM parts availability
  • Consider the age of the car and the odometer reading
  • Ask for the vehicle maintenance record
  • Find out about the cost of insurance, registration and maintenance
  • Find out how much spare parts cost
  • Bring a mechanic for testing

In some instances, the buyer is a huge fan of the particular make and model, so even if it’s old and has seen better days, the buyer would still take it and spend more money on the repairs.

When you’re able to fix such a car to a point that it’s unrecognisable by the time you’re done, that’s the moment you have been waiting for. Car restoration experts in Auckland noted that this is possible with the right mechanic and auto shop. If it’s a real beater, however, be prepared to wait and spend some money on it before the journey is over.

There are hundreds of used cars out there that still have life left in them. All it takes is for the right buyer to find them.