When to Hire Professionals for Tree Removal

Tree Removal

Tree RemovalTrees offer so much for any home or property owner. However, when these same trees become a source of risk to your house, such as roots digging into the foundations or the trunk inclining to a dangerous angle towards your structure, you may have to remove the tree from its original location.
Or, hard as it is to accept, cut it down. When you need to make a choice, think about these factors.


Just as Beaver Tree Services says tree loppers in Perth WA don’t lop without approval from the authorities, there are situations in Perth where removing a large and perfectly healthy tree would be illegal if it’s not replanted. And replanting a fully-grown tree needs a lot of knowledge, extra equipment and the right number of people to handle the work.

Keeping the roots intact is already a hard job, much less transporting the tree to another site while making sure that it will survive the replanting process. In these situations, try to find a Perth tree removal company or arborist that has a history of successful replanting and transplanting jobs.

Stump Removal

When the tree is truly dead, too old, too damaged or too sick to survive, there’s no choice but to cut it down. Though buying or renting a chainsaw answers the problem of felling the tree, removing the stump is a little more difficult.

There are several ways of doing this and all require patience, time and even special equipment. You can even create something out of the stump like a stool or table as part of your exterior decor. However, if the stump impedes your activities or is a hazard to people, stump grinding may be better.

Having trees growing in your yard is an added perk, considering it gives benefits without costing you much. View replanting or removal as part of your home maintenance investments. After all, keeping what can be saved and getting rid of what cannot be kept remains a normal part of living – even if we’re talking about trees.