What Type of Grant is Best for Your Group Home?

seniors in a group home

Managing a group home is indeed noble, but is also a challenging job. It is an excellent way to contribute to society because you’re helping the underprivileged, children without parents, the disabled, and those marginalized by society. But its running cost, from the daily expenses to maintenance concerns, will require funding, which you can get from grants.

Grants for group homes come in many forms, providing a variety of amounts for different types of homes. The grant you receive will typically come from a federal agency tasked to address a particular segment of society. For example, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism offers two-year grants to group homes that look after adults recovering from substance abuse.

Below are the types of financial assistance that your organization can explore:

Block grants

Typically, these grants target groups belonging to the low-income bracket. Grants from the Small Business  Administration, especially community development grants, are the typical sources of funds. If your organization is operating as a for-profit organization and wishes to do contract work for non-profit grant recipients, there is added paperwork needed.

Discretionary grants

Also known as competitive grants, these grants are awarded through standard eligibility requirements, giving preference to those applicants who can fulfill the objectives of the grants and can meet the stringent requirements. The process uses a point system; those garnering more points receive financial assistance. Some grants from the Department of Housing and Urban Development are discretionary grants.

Formula grants

Formula grants use statistical data (e.g., demographic, geographic) to determine recipients. The system uses a pre-determined and allocation-based method and incorporates the data in the calculation of the amounts needed for a specific grant. The Department of Justice awards financial assistance for juvenile offenders as well as children who are victims of child abuse.

Project Grants

When the need for financial assistance is for establishing a group home to assist disabled people or for disaster relief, a project grant is the right funding mechanism. Project grants commonly include free legal services to organizations to help manage a group home. An example of a project grant provider is the Taproot Foundation.

Running a group home is rewarding. With help from key institutions and even private citizens, you can contribute to making society better.