What to Focus on When Creating a Digital Strategy

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Online marketing is a cost-effective way to reach your audience and sell your products. However, just because it is easy it does not mean it is automatic. You have to focus on certain things to make digital work for you. For it to empower your business, you need to reduce the noise and confusion, which allow you to do what you do best and attain your objectives.

An expert from a digital agency in Canberra says that these are the objectives you must focus on when you create an online marketing strategy.

Here are the acronyms to remember:


This stands for a top of the funnel, which means you are looking for potential customers who will patronise your brand. You want to increase website traffic to improve the likelihood of conversion. Do so by blogging, using social media or optimising the pages of your site. This is your initial foray into online marketing as you are funnelling visitors down the purchasing channel.


This is short for the middle of the funnel, which is part of your qualifying strategy after you funnel visitors further down. Blogs are an effective tool to attract people to your site, but they will not do the qualifying for you. Some just drop by and browse your website without really buying anything, they may not return as well. You need high-level content such as eBooks and webinars to improve your conversion rate.


This acronym is short for “bottom of the funnel”. That means people are ready to make a purchase, the only question is, will they choose you or not. This is the perfect opportunity for you to nurture these visitors through case studies and email marketing.

These are the concepts to focus on when you devise a digital marketing strategy. These allow you to build a better brand, connect with your audience and boost conversion rate.