Welders and Technicians Among Most In-Demand Jobs in Canada

Worker welding in a construction

Some of the best jobs in Canada for 2018 include welders and industrial technicians, which are both in-demand and offers a high salary.

If you’re having trouble hiring qualified staff, a temporary solution requires outsourcing them to third-party service providers. Advantage Manufacturing Ltd. explains that contacting welding companies in Edmonton, Alberta can ease the additional workload of manufacturers, especially after a record-high growth in June.

Shortage of Skills

Those who currently work as welders may increase their income potential by targeting a management position. Top-level employees may even earn more than $90,000 per year. The booming manufacturing sector serves as one reason behind the high demand for welding jobs.

This also caused a strong demand for industrial technicians. A shortage of skilled laborers in this field partly led companies to offer more competitive salary packages. Other non-industrial jobs that are likely to have a shortfall include psychologists, which may be lacking in the next few years.

Manufacturing Boom

Canada’s manufacturing industry recorded an almost eight-year high in June, after it posted a reading of 57.1, according to an industry index. A figure above 50 represents an expansion in manufacturing, while a smaller number indicates a contraction.

The Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) attributed the increase to a hiring spree from several companies. New orders in the previous months, in particular, have exceeded the production capacity, according to SCMA CEO Christian Buhagiar. Therefore, manufacturers should consider other options aside from hiring more people. It may take less time to contact a local welding company, which may be a better choice if you’re only looking to fill in gaps in your workforce.

Some companies may still need to contract third-party service providers, despite ramping up their recruitment efforts. In case you need additional support for welding projects, choose a company that can send mobile units for projects that require on-site work.