Welcome to Adulthood: Start With Your Bedroom

Bedroom Cleaning

Bedroom CleaningYour bedroom is your safe haven, but does it feel like it? Look around. Maybe it is that time of your life when you have to make your room a more relaxing place. Take a huge step and throw out unnecessary childish things like your old toys and clothes that are too small to fit even your head. Find an adult bed and give your old one to your younger siblings.

Invest in a twin mattress for a good night’s sleep. Do not feel obliged to throw out everything, though. It is just fair that some of these things mean something huge to you. You may, of course, keep them, but make sure they are organized.

The Wall

Clean the walls and get rid of the age-old dust. Repaint them if necessary. The safest colors are light colors like white for a cleaner look. Then, depending on your style and personality, you may make the best out of the walls and use them to mount shelves or TV, or even your collection of lightsabers. You may also, however, keep it simple and clean to make the room seem bigger.


Being an adult is being well aware of safety. Shelves and other cabinets that are taller than you should be kept in place with screws to keep them from falling down, especially during earthquakes. Stuff them up with books because their weight can help hold the shelf still, but not too much to bring it down.

That Chair

If you hate doing the laundry, you should at least do your own because that is part of personal hygiene. Always have a hamper in our room to separate your washed clothes from used. As much as possible, avoid using “that one chair” that people tend to fill up with used clothes until they need the chair to sit on to which is its real purpose.

Adulthood is not as bad as it sounds and starting with your own space, your bedroom, will help you keep up with life. It will help if you look around Salt Lake City for the lowest deals on all the things you need to buy.