Wedding Matters You Can and Should Delegate to Friends or Family

Wedding PreparationGetting married may seem like an extremely busy time, but whilst a wedding is far from being easy to prepare, the preparation itself can also be an enjoyable moment to remember. The trick is to not attempt to do this by yourself, because if you do the work becomes tedious and taxing, which may even lead to disagreements between you and your significant other.

Here are some matters you may want to delegate.

Venue hunting

Of course, this one is something you have to do yourselves, but when looking for options for your wedding venue in Kent, a friend or close relative can collate the options for you. Up to five venue options are good, including Winter Barns, and then your friend can ask for the details such as available dates, prices, and what you may get as a freebie for choosing a venue, among others. Your delegate will then print these details along with pictures and show them to you. Shortlist your favourites and visit them with your spouse-to-be.


Your video and photos should be great, so you may need a professional team. A cousin or another friend or family member can make the calls. If a couple of people close to you know how to shoot decent video and photos, you might be able to save a lot of money on this. Whichever way you choose to go, it’s important to meet with the videographer and photographer so you can iron out the details.


The food should always be great during special events, especially wedding receptions. Have a friend list down a few caterers, or maybe you have an aunt who can cook a mean menu. Make sure to do a taste test on the suggested menu before your wedding.


You may need an assistant to help you plan the details, meet with your delegates, etc. In most cases this is the job of the maid of honour. Choose someone close to you, such as your best friend or sister. Just make sure it’s someone who has some organisation skills and are very willing to do the work.

These are some of the important parts of your wedding you should be willing to delegate to other people. If you learn how to delegate well, you don’t have to worry about looking stressed out on your special day.