Website Redesign First, SEO Later — Or Vice Versa?

Web Designers in MelbourneFor some business owners, website redesigns are just about changing interfaces. To get more customers, the site should be pretty and fast — that's it. Some wait until the launch of their site before they consider SEO.

That’s a big mistake.

Failure to prioritise SEO during the redesign can be costly; it involves expensive site design changes, which could have been implemented during the early stages of the process. In some cases, correcting these issues is difficult, if not impossible, without rebuilding the site again.

As a business owner, you want every step to count; you want your site to be up and running once you have worked with trusted web designers in Melbourne. Rather than deal with site issues in the future, here are SEO steps to remember during a redesign:

SEO Audit

Search engine friendly sites are popular with users. This means designing a website that holds no barriers to search engines. When you maintain a Google-friendly site, it boosts your chances of receiving ‘organic’ results. Fortunately, one of the best times to maintain search engine friendly sites is during a redesign.

Do you have an existing website? Consider performing extensive site audits or reviews. During audits, SEO consultants will analyse the current site for design problems or limitations that hinder better organic search results. By shedding light on these issues, it is easier to address them during the redesign of the new site.

Keywords Matter

A better understanding of keyword phrases (search terms) also helps the redesign process. It also paves the way for better content by determining the right terms through various sources (e.g., search engine advertising, keyword research, website analytics and webmaster tools).

Once you’ve determined the right keywords, build your search around the content of your site and the people searching for keyword phrases. Keyword optimisation also matters.

A Better Linking and Navigation Structure

After organising the content, it’s time to develop the navigation structure, which helps visitors easily navigate through the site. Build the site around important keyword themes; these should help visitors find what they are looking for. When you consider these themes, you also accomplish more by improving rankings at the same time.

Website redesigns also call for a better set of SEO strategies. Take advantage of this season by hitting two birds with one stone.