Wash, Wax, Polish: Taking Care of Your Car’s Paint Job

Car polishingOne of the first things that people notice about your car is the paint job – it is the primary body of your car, and while it adds to the physical beauty of your vehicle, it also serves as protection for the interior components. Caring for your car’s paint job is crucial to keeping your ride looking like new.

According to dentprousa.com, even the most minor scratches on your vehicle could lead to long term damage. This may allow water damage to start rusting the inner layers of the car, which can be much more difficult to fix. If you ever find your car with a scratch, it is best to have it fixed by a professional so that they can paint over it and seal up the area.

To keep your paint job pristine, there are three major steps: wash, wax, and polish.


Washing your car’s exterior is all about removing the accumulated debris on the vehicle. Dirt such as dust, sand, mud, and water stains build up on your vehicle over time and eventually strip away the paint.

When washing your car, choose a non-abrasive cloth or sponge and a paint-safe detergent to dislodge the dirt. Be sure to rinse away any abrasive materials such as sand, as rubbing them in could accidentally scratch the paint surface beneath.


Car wax is a type of compound that serves as a superficial top layer that protects your paint. Car wax is typically made of carnauba wax, which is buffed into the surface to create a protective layer. This way water and dirt do not directly rub against your paint, making it last longer. It also adds shine and sparkle to your vehicle.


Polishing is the process of removing and masking any defects under the surface. You buff and gloss the polish onto the car, leaving a smooth surface for you to work on. Polishing typically comes after waxing, as it is what makes the paint job look just like new.

These three steps can help you keep your paint job pristine and ready for anything.