Walk-in Tub: What’s in It for the Elderly?

Bathroom with a tub, toilet and sink

Some elderly become less mobile due to the illnesses that come with aging. There are certain activities that they can no longer do on their own, one of which is taking a bath. But walk-in tubs can make a difference. Heavenly Walk In Tubs enumerates the top benefits of tubs for the elderly:

They provide a low step entry

An elderly can get in and out of the tub easily without the trouble of climbing over the tub. Walk-in tubs are designed with safety grab rails and non-skid floor, so you don’t need to worry about your senior loved one falling or slipping. If your elderly family member uses a walker or wheelchair, walk-in tubs also have outward swinging doors for easy access.

They promote personal hygiene

To some elderly, bathing is a chore. It becomes difficult and a tough job. Being less mobile, personal hygiene is not their priority. Consequently, their skin gets irritated and develops wounds. Some walk-in tubs come with a bidet, which makes bathing and other personal hygiene routines less complicated. More so, others offer a detachable showerhead and a comfortable seat, which allow the person to take a shower or bathe while sitting down.

They foster independence

Many seniors prefer to stay home than live in an assisted community. They are more comfortable living in their own homes because there are fewer restrictions like using the bathroom. With walk-in tubs at home, they can do their bathing routine with less assistance. Maintaining their independence helps the elderly preserve their human dignity.

They offer health benefits

There are walk-in tubs that offer hydrostatic pressure. It has a massaging effect that relaxes tight muscles and relieves muscle cramps and back pains associated with arthritis. Its hydro massage system relaxes and soothes your major muscles, and improves your flexibility as well. In addition, the warm water enhances blood circulation and reduces inflammation.

For your elderly to enjoy life with less assistance, a walk-in tub will help him or her make it possible. Aside from maintaining independence and dignity, he or she stays healthy, and of course, it also means less worry on your part.