Understanding Mold Growth is the First Step to Successful Remediation

Home Renovation

Home Renovation in UtahWhile mold growth outside your home is not necessarily a health hazard, the proliferation of mold within your living spaces is a threat to your family’s health. As mold grows and reproduces in the presence of moisture, it releases toxins and irritants that inhabit the ventilation system of your home.

Mold causes respiratory ailments and allergies when someone who is predisposed inhales the microscopic spores. Moreover, these organisms render the structural components of the house unstable.

The spread of potentially harmful living organisms in your home

Widespread contamination usually starts from a pipe burst, or a poorly ventilated section of the house that retains moisture. Mold will grow on any surface that retains excessive moisture. A single spore can flower into a thriving colony in two day. Understanding how mold grows and proliferates is the key to a successful remediation. For mold removal in Utah, waterdamage-saltlakecity.com reports that residents have access to professional teams that possess the knowledge and skills in the removal of various mold species.

Justifying the need for professional removal services

To be sure that the clean-up is comprehensive, you must determine the extent of the contamination first. The number of square footage contaminated with mold becomes the basis for the remediation plan. The United States Environmental Protection Agency recommends that homeowners seek professional remediation services if the contamination has already spread to an area that is greater than 10 square feet.

The success of mold remediation is determined primarily by the complete removal of mold growing within a household. The occupants and cleaners should have ample protection from undue exposure. Otherwise the operation can be considered a failure. Take note that while it is not possible to remove all mold from a location, professional remediation services offer greater assurances of effective contamination control.

Mold spores are impossible to see with the naked eye. Although you may have cleaning agents and equipment to remove obvious signs of black mold, are you sure you’ve controlled the spread? Seek professional help in order to arrest the contamination from the source.