Understanding Different Law Fields in Australia

property law

property lawDo you have a current problem with your land titles? Has one of your friends reproduced your artwork without your express consent? Do you know someone from the construction industry who is looking for a lawyer? If you said yes to any of these, chances are you will need legal help.

The Australian legal system is vast and covers many different aspects. The following is a quick guide to some of the different areas of law and the basics you should know:

General Litigation

Most cases end in arbitration or compromise, but some go through court before everything gets sorted out. In this legal process, lawyers of a plaintiff and a defendant argue and present evidence against the case of the other. Both civil and criminal cases can undergo litigation.

Property Law

This area involves regulation of interests, rights, and responsibilities of an owner to his or her properties. CWL.com.au says property lawyers in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sidney residents trust will take care of your land titles, determine the applicable taxes, and may even help sort out inheritances. Apart from ownership, this also governs tenancy.

Family Law

Lawyers whose practices focus on this area should have the necessary tact, charm, and negotiation skills to properly settle all parties. Marriage, divorce, adoption, and other domestic relations are the common topics for this field. Family lawyers also have to deal with child abuse, child abduction, and juvenile adjudication.

Intellectual Property Law

While property law deals with things that can be owned, this field protects intellectual property. In this age of digital information, what you share in your social media accounts may be copied, reproduced, or even turned into profit without you knowing it. With the right knowledge in copyrights and trademarks, intellectual property lawyers will help protect the products of your mind.

Construction Law

Professionals in engineering, architecture, and building turn to construction lawyers for their legal concerns. Engineers, architects, and construction companies deal with multiple parties during their projects, and they have to be sure all contracts and building site rules and regulations have been ironed out. Lawyers with a focus in this area can assist with related concerns.

These are only a few of the many law areas that cover people’s daily lives. There is employment and labour law, environment law, human rights law, and a host of other areas. You can ask your local lawyer for help in case you need advice.

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