Transforming Society, One Mobile Phone at a Time

Mobile Phone from PakistanSociety adapts to technology at its own pace. Western countries, where these new gadgets originate, are quick to find a use. It is the culture there, and though it may seem financially unhealthy to many people in countries like Pakistan to spend thousands every year on a small device, it helps them keep up with the trends there. In Pakistan, however, the mobile infrastructure is still developing. Users still cannot use high-end smartphones to their full potential, outside of taking crisp pictures and videos.

Nevertheless, mobile phones have found a profound purpose in the country. Easy shopping for mobile gadgets online enables everyone to get one and collectively, people put it to good use.

Strengthening School Governance

Western schools can take some important points from the School Council Mobilization Program in Pakistan that helps citizen oversight of schools in rural areas. It is impressive that this is not a test, but an existing system, a fact pointedly reported by Stanford University, one of the top universities in the world. It is also a low-cost program, only requiring $50 (5240.25 Rs) for each school and $180 (18,864.90 Rs) for a three-day training.

As a result, enrollment is up and teacher attendance is improving, something the general education landscape in Pakistan can use. More than that, it increases engagement among the students’ parents. There are questions about its long-term efficiency, but it is working now and mobilizing schools in provincial locales.

Banking for the Poor

Financial management is key for poor residents to help make the most out of their money. Mobile phones are still a luxury in this sector, but it gives them access to mobile banking services, where they can get their BISP (Benazir Income Support Programme) provision. With an underutilized banking industry, mobiles phones will provide a boost to banks and the general monetary situation in Pakistan.

Public Protection

By providing quick access to police services, mobile phones are an asset to public security everywhere. Pakistan is no exception as proven by a vigilant citizen who was able to alert the police about a car theft. There are cases like this one all over the country, which is evidence of widespread goodwill across several demographics.

As the mobile sector grows, so will Pakistanis’ use of technology. It is a blessing that mobile phones have been a tool for social mobilization, which everyone hopes will continue to grow.