Top Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan

Natural DisasterBeing invincible would sure be great. Unfortunately, neither you nor your small business is immune to natural disasters, human errors or even cyber-attacks. To mitigate against such compromising situations, you need a BDR plan. A BDR plan is a set of backup and disaster recovery solutions put in place to reduce data loss, ensure uptime, and maximise productivity during disastrous moments. Here are five reasons why your small business needs a BDR plan.

  1. To protect your company against the effects of natural disasters.

Floods, earthquakes and other uncontrollable disasters can cause your small business to experience downtime. Unfortunately, a week of data centre downtime is enough to make you go out of business within just one year. Disaster recovery solutions are the way to protect your data and ensure that downtime does not compromise your business.

  1. To diminish the impact of cyber-attacks.

Cyber criminals love a business that appears unprotected and vulnerable. A BDR plan can lessen the effects of a cyber-attack that may come your way and prevent your digitally active business from losing valuable data.

  1. To keep customers data safe.

There are severe consequences for losing or misplacing confidential client information. A BDR plan can help you to store and control customer data correctly.

  1. To mitigate against employees’ mistakes.

Your staff is a valuable asset. Unfortunately, a single mistake by one of your team can lead to a significant data loss. You can only prevent and mitigate poor employee choices by training your workers and investing in backup solutions.

  1. To mitigate against systems failure.

There is no perfect technological solution. Fortunately, a robust BDR solution can help you cover your bases whenever hardware, machines and other systems falter.

Like wearing sunscreen, you may only realise the importance of a backup and disaster recovery solution after you’re burnt. Don’t let an unforeseen natural calamity, technical malfunction or human error kick you out of business. Act today. Look for the right BDR solution and protect your business.