Top Benefits of Digital Marketing to Small Businesses

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For bigger companies, a website is a given, a critical marketing tool. For small businesses, the goal is the same, but cost considerations for putting up one, much less maintaining it, are crucial as well. But with the obvious advantages of the internet, small businesses are catching up.

Actually, a recent study from the “Small Business Digital Trends Survey” revealed that eight of 10 small businesses have a website that they run and manage. Running and maintaining a site is just one tool.

There are several digital marketing solutions for small businesses like social media and email marketing, all of which guarantee a cost-effective campaign to put a product on the market.

The benefits are countless, but three important ones are below.

1. Connects your business to consumers

About eight of 10 consumers surf the internet to know more about a product or a service they need. This is technically getting the customers right on every business’ doorstep. With this opportunity, a company can target the market they wish to attract, enabling them to achieve higher conversion rates.

2. Saves your business time and money

It is clear that the internet saves more time and money to businesses as they only need to spend for the construction and maintenance of a website or an online marketing program (Some are even free; i.e. social media). The rest is done by the internet.

Gartner’s reports that 40% of businesses gained considerable savings with their digital marketing efforts.

3. Improves your business’ profitability

With the influx of consumers plus higher savings, profit margins can only widen. A traditional marketing strategy will take more time and money to move people. But with digital marketing, technology makes a campaign far cheaper and easier to implement.

Digital marketing allows a business to compete with their direct competitors and even the big boys. With most channels, from mobile to social media, all operational at a level-playing field, a business’ brand can equally be visible. As such, it can be sustainable and remain an effective tool.