To Remodel or Restore?: What To Do With Your Parent’s Home

House Restoration

House RestorationShould you be fortunate enough to be handed down your parent’s beautiful ancestral home, you need to decide whether you plan on restoring its lost glory or remodel it to fit you or your family’s modern needs and aesthetics.

Whichever path you decide, consider: a. consulting with Titus Contracting LLC and other remodeling experts for a more seamless process, and; b. understanding what the terms remodeling and restoration mean and entail before deciding on a project.

A Whole New Look

The term remodeling generally refers to any kind of change to an existing house or building. It means to change the character or a portion of a building. For example, when you convert a den into a master bedroom, you’re remodeling the den. Or when you extend the kitchen, you’re remodeling the kitchen.

Renovating could also follow remodeling, which is a more specific term and which means to make a space, a portion of a house or a building new again. An out-of-date commercial space updated with new finishes and fixtures is a renovation project.

Keeping the Look

On the other hand, restoration is the opposite of a renovation. Instead of updating, the goal of restoration is to make the house look like how it did before. This is sometimes also referred as a historic preservation, and is an actual region of architectural or archeological focus.

For example, a renovation project would update a window with rusting hinges with a brand new design and different materials. But a restoration project would strive to preserve the material, the look and the integrity of the actual window. It goes the same with an ancestral home or an estate building.

Making your choice between the two options ultimately depends on your priority and goals. Do you want a modern and more efficient home? Or do you want to maintain the original character of your parent’s home?