Tips to Avoid Rock Solid Scams in Concrete Repair Jobs


constructionThe slight cracks on your concrete floor are natural wear and tear brought about by weather and time. They can be nothing, but they can also worsen. Let the professionals handle those breaks that go from worse to worst.

Concrete replacement in Salt Lake City is one of the top household concerns. Dealing with concrete repair scammers is perhaps on top of that list. Know these things to avoid being ripped off:

  • Know Repair Fundamentals

Learn about the different types of cracks, their causes, and whether they need repairs. Your trustworthy repairman can instantly cite the cause, such as overloading, settling, hauling, extension or shrinkage.

Know that shrinkage cracks are typically visible around the drain or posts. Removing trees or a compacted utility line ditch can result in settling cracks. Discuss the problem with your contractor and filter out the ones that only want more money.

Find repair companies that can restore both the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of the concrete. When considering concrete replacement, Salt Lake City experts recommend customized solutions so you have a say on how you want the concrete to look.

  • Ask for a Detailed Estimate

Before hiring a contractor, find at least three quotes from different companies to compare prices. Look for contact references as well and find photos of previous works. Local companies may have worked on your neighbor’s concrete driveway—check that out.

Ask the contractor to come over and make an estimate of the repair work. Know the difference between a quote and an estimate. Ask for an explanation of the detailed expenses covered in the quote.

  • Beware of Widespread Scams

Know more about the “I have extra” or the “name dropper” scam.

Somebody might approach you and tell you that he has extra cement left after finishing a job nearby, convincing you he’ll do the job and offer big discounts. Someone might tell you that your neighbor hired him to do some driveway repair work. Kindly turn them down.

Scammers cannot thrive if you are wise enough to see through them. Now that you know the drill, choose the best concrete repair contractor available in Salt Lake City.

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