Three Types of Awnings to Cover Your Deck

Exposed terrace that could use an awning

There are many ways to protect against the sun, rain and wind. We wear sunglasses, hats, raincoats and visors to shield ourselves. Why then would we expect less when it comes to our homes; the ultimate storm shelter?

As it is, the house, specifically the deck, needs shelter from the elements. An awning is a perfect screen to protect from the elements.

There are many types of awnings, but notes that the retractable awning is the most common. The idea is to be able to spend time on your deck without having to squint or risk sunburn. Awning shades come in different shapes and designs. Whatever the case, you can have a variation of any of the following types other than the retractable awning:

The motorized awning

Motorized awnings use electric mechanisms to roll up. They can be operated remotely which is a plus for when, for example, it is raining. Some options have weather-monitoring sensors that cause the awning to activate when it is sunny and retract when it is windy. Be sure to ask for an automatic override installation to serve you should the motor break.

The portable awning

At the heart of the portable awning’s design is convenience. You get a free-standing and easy to move screen that you can use to shelter even other areas of your home beside the deck. The portable awning is moved following the sun’s trajectory.

The stationary awning

This type of awning is installed into your deck, permanently. The screen is stable and sturdy and can easily withstand the weather elements. You can have the awning customized to the shape of your deck and any other requirements you might have.

Most awnings regardless of type are made of canvas. The material is flexible, inexpensive and resilient. However, there are others made of metal or wood. Ask your contractor to recommend the best option for your case.