Think of Strength and Conditioning as Basketball Skills

Basketball Training Basketball is a dynamic sport that requires a lot of movement and precision. The muscles need to go and stop quickly, change directions, and react to situations. All these require elite mobility for a player to realize their potential. It’s not enough to master and build on the fundamental skills such as passing, dribbling or shooting, an aspiring player must also learn to understand the importance of strength and conditioning.

Conditioning in the Game

Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, and Richard Hamilton had stellar careers for their respective teams. The trademark of these players is their relentless running around screens and making cuts in various directions. These movements led to open threes, jump shots, or easy baskets not only for themselves, but for their teammates as well.

Conditioning is important to a game like basketball because of the frenetic movement on offense and defense. Players need to have the stamina to make cuts, drive to the basket, rebound, play defense, and other things they need to do to win. Coaches at basketball camps for high school boys said that players need to develop a strong work ethic to boost their condition for the game. The drills they need to do and the miles they must run will contribute to their success.

Strength and Mobility

Other than conditioning, a player must develop their strength and mobility. This is important because others in college or in the professional ranks will out muscle them. Building strength allows a player to fight through screens and get into the right position to make a play for their team. Lifting weights and exercises using body weight are part of the regimen that players do to become stronger and better. Strength training also helps improve mobility in the upper and lower body.

Basketball is a game of details. Players need to work on their strength and conditioning to realize their potential and contribute to their team.