The Truth Prevails: The Responsibility of a Private Investigator

The Responsibility of a Private InvestigatorPrivate investigations are often involved in work with attorneys concerning civil and criminal cases.

A person employed in this line of work is called a “private investigator,” often abbreviated to “PI” and casually known as a private eye, private detective, or secret and undercover agents. Their line of work entails inquiry and fact-finding skills. Often misconstrued as spies or sketchy individuals, thanks to pop culture, private investigators have other types of work other than sneaking around and tailing people.

Generally, there are jurisdictions that require the licensing of a private investigator. Relative to local laws, a private investigator can have a firearm on their person, as some agents have a background in law enforcement. Since their primary responsibility is the investigation of criminal matters, it is just natural for a PI to be part of controversial cases. Despite this, they don’t have police authority, which limits their capacity to engage in heated exchanges.

It is also the responsibility of a PI to carry out different types of investigative work. enumerates the tasks:

  • Surveillance
  • Insurance Defense Investigation
  • Family Law Investigation
  • Corporate and Employee Misconduct Investigation
  • Activity Checks
  • Asset Checks
  • Background Investigation
  • Social Media Investigation
  • Witness Interviews
  • Witness and Beneficiary Locates
  • Anti-Stalking Investigation
  • Photography and Videography

These are but some of the different investigation services. Regardless of the specifics, all these employ a combination of methods in gathering information and fact verification. From documentation to uncover fraud, mitigating and disputing claims, to bringing important facts to light, investigative work aims to provide concerned parties with significant information through concrete evidence.

Ultimately, a private investigator may also engage in consultation with victims of harassment. When there is doubt in a given case, PIs are there to do the dirty work. In carrying out their investigations, it is the goal of private investigators to unearth the truth and resolve conspiracies.