The Times You Can Make ATMs User-Friendly

Automated Teller MachineThe design of any automated teller machine is always imperative. As thousands of dollars are withdrawn in this area on a regular basis, it only make sense to make it as secure as the bank itself. Without a thoughtful design, most users would be either discouraged to use the ATM or prone to getting mugged one way or another.

As you make your ATMs as user-friendly as possible, make sure to do the following:

Put Them at the Center of the Building

ANAX Industry Solutions LLC says location is a crucial factor to render an ATM safe to use or not. Users need to pay attention to the surroundings to ensure no one around is prying suspiciously before, during, and after the transaction.

Experts don’t advise users to use ATMs installed at any corner of the building. Corners create blind spots, making it harder to identify anyone distrustful lurking around. Without a good line of sight of the surroundings, even the most careful user could easily fall prey to any assailant.

If you have machines located in these tricky areas, call an experienced ATM service provider to re-install them near the center of the establishment, especially if there is no round-the-clock security.

Provide Helpful Reminders

Displaying the do's and don’ts of using the ATM properly is an unwritten rule, but nonetheless a great help for everyone. Not all users are as cautious as they should be, so educating everyone about safety tips can make a difference in protecting one’s cash and banking credentials.

In addition, your helpful displays should remind everybody about the etiquette of using cash machines and prevent unnecessary situations among users.

Make the Area Well-Lit

The safest ATMs are always well-lighted. This doesn’t only give confidence to users, but also help deter the most determined robbers. Especially with surveillance cameras installed, it’s easier to identify and catch muggers in the event of a robbery.

ATMs should provide both convenience and security. Unless you have employ a considerate design, your machines are basically death traps for any user.