The Life of Steve Jobs as an Inspiration for Good Marketing Techniques

Marketing Techniques

Marketing TechniquesSteve Jobs is an icon. However you want to take movies, books and stories about him, Apple would not be the same company without him. It would not be the tech titan with hundreds of billions of dollars in reserve if Mr Jobs did not push as hard as he did, if he did not innovate as much as he did. Steve Wozniak brought the brains, and Jobs added the culture-crunching hoopla that the company needed.

For anyone who aims to generate the same kind of buzz for their company should really study the man himself. What he did with Apple how he achieved it are an inspiration you need to get that push to success. It is more pressing to study what he had to do to succeed.

He Found Good Mentors

Jobs was a showman, but he was not always the event that brought the tech industry to a halt once or twice a year. His tutors, who became his mentors in the process, probably taught him everything he needed to know to sell Apple’s products. Think of companies such as The Sphere Agency as your Regis McKenna and your Lee Clow. They will help you create a distinctive brand for your company, which they did masterfully as Apple is now one of the most recognisable enterprises in the world.

Give Customers a Unique Experience

Soon after Apple’s legendary 1984 ‘event marketing’ ad, Jobs made sure people will not forget his company. His wild move was unheard of, and it created a paper buzz like nothing ever before. He did not hesitate to spend another US$2.5 million to buy all of the advertising space in a single Newsweek edition. You may call it pure marketing bombardment, but it was highly creative and a coup at the time.

You may have to think of something else and spend a little less than he did. Nevertheless, the premise remains the same: create an experience for the customers.

In Customer Conflict, There is an Enemy

What you will certainly observe in Steve Jobs’ speeches is that he created entities that his customers will defeat when they buy Apple products. Back in the 80s, he pictured IBM as the devourer, the enemy and that Apple is the saviour the world needs. You only need to ask: where are both companies now? It borders on creating a smear campaign, but with the vibrancy and positivity of a young Steve Jobs, it will work brilliantly.

He may be famous posthumously for being a ruthless leader, but that did not take away the fundamental truth about Mr Jobs: he craved for excellence. If you are looking for a way for your company to get exposure and success, try to learn from The Man with the Black Turtleneck. He, and his actions, will teach you everything you need to know.