The Jaw and Other Bones: Amazing Facts About the Human Framework

JawCompared to muscles, fats, and skin; bones are just tiny.

If you’ve seen a bone surgery video before, you’d know that it doesn’t matter how big a person is, as bones grow the same deal on average. While it’s true that they’re just tiny pieces of the body, they make tons of miraculous things happen.

According to, one fascinating bone that always piques interest is the jawbone. Not only is it the fastest, most versatile bone in the body, but it’s also the most easily damaged.

Below are some other facts about the human skeletal system:

Smiling Uses Fewer Muscles Than Not Smiling

Everybody has heard about this before, and it’s apparently a big deal. It only takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 to frown. That’s why those who often put on a grumpy and scowling face always feels more tired and irritated.

Baby Bones are Broken

Every baby starts with 300 bones, and these bones fuse into a total of 206 in adulthood. Most of the broken bone comes from the skull, which is yet to develop into a sturdy shell.

Bones are the Longest Right After Waking Up

Precisely speaking, everybody is 1 cm taller by the time they wake up and regress 1 cm before they sleep. This phenomenon is due to gravity pulling everyone down. As people stand, sit or walk, the bones compress due to the force of gravity. But, every time people sleep or lie down, the bones decompress and elongate again.

Tongues are the Sturdiest Muscles

While you can’t literally lift weights with it, the tongue is the strongest muscle, considering its size and the rate it moves. If you can do the same with your leg muscles, you can probably run as fast as a jaguar.

Jawbones are Almost like Steel

If you think about it, jawbones break down materials that enter your mouth. So, it just follows that it should be stronger than most bones.

The human body is an amazing creation. That’s why people should always make it a point to take care of their bodies correctly.