What It Takes To Be a Good Caravan Park Landlord

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caravan parkBeing a “good” caravan park landlord doesn’t just entail being socially pleasant to your tourist and permanent tenants. It involves a performance of certain legal responsibilities to ensure everyone’s security and avoid any potential damages and conflicts.

Buying a caravan park to embark on a rental business is one of the most exciting and most challenging investments you will make in your life. As early as now, get to know the legal and social duties of a landlord.

On Record: Standard Operational Procedure

Before your tenants move in, you should provide a copy of the park rules, a Notice to All Potential Park Caravan Residents form, and the proposed residency agreement that contains all rents, charges, and fees.

When they’ve moved in, you need to complete and sign the Condition Report and Bond Lodgement form. After accomplishing that, forward Bond money and the Bond Lodgement form to Residential Tenancy Bonds Authority, and file the receipt.

During their actual residency, you need to provide you tenants with receipts for every transaction made. This is to avoid any future misunderstanding or confusion. For amenity uses, let your tenants use the park and all other facilities that were included in the agreement.

To keep the park clean and safe, schedule regular garbage collections and always remind your tenants about proper waste disposal. To minimise conflicts, remind them about the policy on quiet hours, right to privacy, and fair use of facilities at designated times of the day.

For maintenance, arrange repairs and renovations when needed and make sure they don’t interfere with your tenants’ everyday activities.

The Condition Report Form you signed before will be useful when the tenants move out. It will enlighten any disagreement between you and the tenant, helping you reach a more favourable settlement.

Off-the-Record: Social Ethics and Attitudes

As much your tenants will appreciate your professional commitment to the rules and policies, they will want to stay in business with you for your desirable social qualities.

For permanent residents, the caravan park will be their home. They will want the management of somebody who they can envision building a positive relationship with for a long time. On your part, work on being a likeable and friendly landlord to better ensure the quality and continuity of your business.

Ultimately, one of the positive attitudes every landlord should nurture is enthusiasm for their work. Look forward to having new tenants and aim on giving them a fair and enjoyable rental experience.

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