Take Your Pick: Tile Flooring Options for Different Rooms

flooringHomeowners value form and function when choosing flooring material. Tiles suit this standard very well, as they are available in different designs and are easy to care for. The design flexibility and material durability of tiles make it one of the best flooring products for residential settings.

Read on to learn more about tile options for different areas in your home.

Kitchen and Bathroom

Ceramic tiles are a versatile option that is more affordable than natural stone. They are an excellent choice for bathrooms and kitchens, as they are easy to clean and don’t harbor germs. You can mix and match ceramic tiles of different patterns and colors to a create floor that truly stands out.

Bedroom and Living Room

Vinyl tiles are of the most effective flooring options for those who are on a budget. These mimic the look and feel of hardwood and stone tiles, and can be installed over other materials quickly. The tiles have a slightly softer surface than wood or tile, making it easier to stand for longer periods of time. Vinyl tiles are also extremely durable, with many manufacturers offering 15 year-warranties for the product.

Outdoor Flooring

Natural stone tile is an excellent choice for outdoor flooring such as outdoor kitchens and walkways.  Although most stone tiles can withstand extreme elements, slate is usually preferred over other materials, as it is less slippery.  This is also ideal for entryways, which are prone to greater temperature extremes than most rooms.

Almost Any Room

Porcelain tiles are known to endure heavy foot traffic in both commercial and residential settings. It is a low maintenance flooring option, which can be ideal in any room of the house. They don’t require waxing or polishing, and can be easily cleaned with a damp mop.

Tiles are a timeless flooring option that can bring a touch of class to any room. Make sure to choose the best type and design of tiles that can complement and enhance the overall look of your home.

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