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Lifestyle Change: Living a More Minimal Life

The adage “less is more” has never been truer today since many people are starting to appreciate the value of leading a minimalist lifestyle. And there’s a good reason why. Many realize that a minimal lifestyle allows them to focus on improving a more quality life by removing unnecessary possessions….

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The Basics of Section 8 And Its Inherent Risks

When you ask landlords about Section 8 investment, many would hardly give you positive feedback. There are many horror stories about Section 8 tenants destroying the landlord’s property. Aside from managing difficult Section 8 tenants, landlords would also have to deal with the hassle of constant Section 8 inspections, although…

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The Key to Selling Commercial Property Faster

Commercial property is quite the investment–if you can cash in on it fast. Commercial property investors want smooth ownership transitions and they will ditch your property for a competitor who has their house in order. Here are a couple of things that’ll make your first impression matter. Get your pricing…

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