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Do You Know if You’re Paying Private Mortgage Insurance?

There are different ways of paying PMI or private mortgage insurance — some are obvious, while others are not. This likewise means that some mortgage owners are aware that they’re paying PMI, while others aren’t. How about you? Are You Paying Private Mortgage Insurance? The most common, obvious scenario is when borrowers pay PMI every […]


Choosing a Trusted Lender

Many people depend on lenders when it comes to financial emergencies. Choosing the right one, however, may be challenging for those who are borrowing for the first time, or those who do not have time to consider. If you find yourself in this situation, here are four easy yet effective ways to check the trustworthiness […]

Finance and Real Estate

When 20% Down Payments Only Make Sense in 3 Scenarios

Experts say that 2016 is the best year to own a property in the Beehive State. The rates are at historic lows, demand beats supply and prices in major markets are on an upward trend. Despite all these positive signs, however, there’s always one thing that scares off homebuyers, particularly first-timers: down payment. There’s nothing […]

Finance and Real Estate

You May Turn to These Sources of Funds While Unemployed

Finding yourself unemployed is perhaps one of the most devastating things that can happen. This becomes worse if you have a family to consider and obligations to meet. But as they say, life must go on. There is no point dwelling on your misfortunes and blaming yourself or other people. Focus on what’s important, which […]