Lifestyle Change: Living a More Minimal Life

The adage “less is more” has never been truer today since many people are starting to appreciate the value of leading a minimalist lifestyle. And there’s a good reason why. Many realize that a minimal lifestyle allows them to focus on improving a more quality life by removing unnecessary possessions….

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Get Working – Hobbies to Keep Things Interesting

Everybody needs a hobby. It keeps a person productive, busy, and effectively takes the boredom away. It can also be great to kick bad habits. A hobby can be anything from gardening, assembling DIY kits to fishing. So, if you need something to do, here are three great avenues to make…

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Motivated, Unemployed, and Your Life on a Diet


Remember that just as the unemployment line remains a constant in this world, so does change.  Handling your unemployment through a well-planned lifestyle diet can turn your period of agony into your stepping stone for glory. Money: The Root of Your Worry While you may consider the worst possible scenario,…

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