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Assessing and Managing Pain Under Jaw Right Side

In order to carry out your activities of daily living with ease, you need to have a sense of comfort at all times. Even if the pain you are experiencing is very slight, it can still seem problematic. At the same time, it can interrupt your concentration when an unpleasant sensation suddenly strikes. You ought […]

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Safe & Efficient Move: 4 Ways to Stay Injury-Free

Moving requires bending, lifting, and squatting. If you’re not careful with your movements or do not practice proper lifting techniques, your risk for injury increases. Knowing your limitations is also important, as use well the use of proper body mechanics when lifting or carrying boxes. Light Speed Delivery Moving and Storage and other moving companies […]

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Paper Pushers in the ER: They’re More Vital Than You Think

If you consider television as an infallible basis of truth, then doctors and nurses reign over everything in a hospital. To an extent, they are major players and probably exist in a bubble. But, to say that only they matter in a healthcare facility is distant from the truth. Without the various hospital staff and […]

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Stay Flossy: Bad Breath Facts You Didn’t Know

Nobody dreams of having bad breath. It’s an unpleasant and embarrassing issue that hinders you from functioning properly in your daily life. Dr. Gary Herskovits, D.D.S. from Brooklyn says minty fresh breath saves jobs and marriages. You always believed bad breath or halitosis is caused by something you ate, but it may also be a […]

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The Importance of a Dentist to General Health and Wellbeing

Dentists look after your teeth, right? That is correct, but did you know that your dentist also plays a vital role in protecting your general health and wellbeing? Oral health complaints can cause numerous other problems, and the best way to avoid them is to visit your dentist and hygienist regularly, and to develop an […]


Want an Exciting Way to Improve Your Health? Go Diving

Diving is a sport that often makes it many people’s bucket list, but unfortunately, many of them still have not crossed it out of their list. There are so many good things that you can get from a diving session, but probably the biggest one is a significant increase in your health. When you want to […]

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What Could Make A Dental Implant Fail?

Dental implants are by far one of the most effective treatments for missing or damaged teeth. With impressive results, implants have become increasingly popular over the years. However, just like any other surgical procedure, there are some factors that lead to failure of the treatment or complications. Infection or peri-implantitis Lack of proper oral hygiene […]

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How to Tell If You Have Prostate Cancer

The development and progression of prostate cancer vary among men. Cancer of the prostate develops gradually and don’t cause problems for some, while it can develop and progress more rapidly in others and may lead to severe symptoms, sometimes, death. Because of this, early screening and detection are crucial. Screening Tests for Prostate Cancer These […]

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3 Things You Wish Your Dental School Prepared You For

Practicing dentistry is not just a dream, but also a sound economic decision to make good money out of what you love. You have probably burned the midnight oil countless times to get your coveted degree and graduate with flying colors. You might have interned at esteemed dental institutions to gain enough experience and be […]

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Major Differences between Kettlebell Workouts and Other Types of Workouts

These days, fitness has become a top priority for a lot of people, particularly among the working class who maintain their long hours and stressful and hectic lifestyle. Most do it to maintain a youthful look and feel good. Exercises of all kinds are always beneficial to the human body; right from simple stretches to […]