When the Golden Years Together Go Gray Financially

It’s painful enough when a marriage fails emotionally. The entire debacle is more gut-wrenching for both husband and wife when the talk is about finances. In marriages where only one spouse worked, the dilemma becomes more challenging, especially talks about retirement savings. reports that one in four divorces involves…

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Why Real Estate Provides A Good Investment Return

The top 100 real estate companies worldwide expanded their asset bases by an additional US$400 billion in 2015, up 11% to US$3.6 trillion, according to British journal Estates Gazette. In simpler terms, these companies collectively own properties that are nearly seven times more than the overall value of all commercial…

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Goodbye to Your Honey, Hello to Billing Statements

There is more to divorce than just saying goodbye to your spouse. It also includes tons of paperwork concerning your money. Many experience a hard time getting their finances together, especially when dealing with the physical and emotional toll of separation. Sorting out everything from credit card and utility bills…

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3 Ultimate Reasons Why You Can’t Seem to Make Profits

Bad Business Model

You established an enterprise related to an interest you’re most passionate about. Not that you ventured just with your heart; you did your research too. You studied the market thoroughly, analysed your competition from head to toe and picked the most suitable location. You made sure your business plan is…

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