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Questions Married People Ask: Is It Time for a Divorce?

The road that leads married couples to a divorce is not always a messy one. It is not necessarily alternating between screaming fits and giving each other the cold shoulder. In fact, talking it out is probably the best route to follow if you want to make the split as uncomplicated as possible, especially for […]


Goodbye to Your Honey, Hello to Billing Statements

There is more to divorce than just saying goodbye to your spouse. It also includes tons of paperwork concerning your money. Many experience a hard time getting their finances together, especially when dealing with the physical and emotional toll of separation. Sorting out everything from credit card and utility bills to other shared expenses is […]

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Understanding Alimony in Divorce

Different states have different alimony laws in accordance with their equally diverse divorce laws. While the computation may be rather simple, the courts take into account several factors. Understanding alimony is truly essential for a proper and equitable settlement. The advice of a seasoned alimony attorney, notes in Provo, will help an individual have […]