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The Importance of a Dentist to General Health and Wellbeing

Dentists look after your teeth, right? That is correct, but did you know that your dentist also plays a vital role in protecting your general health and wellbeing? Oral health complaints can cause numerous other problems, and the best way to avoid them is to visit your dentist and hygienist regularly, and to develop an […]

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When Should You Consider Having Your Wisdom Tooth removed?

Almost all adults get their wisdom teeth later in life. These teeth appear at the ends and are usually two on both the upper and the lower jaw. For some people, there is less space in the jaw to accommodate the extra teeth that come through. This can be painful and lead to a lot […]

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3 Things You Wish Your Dental School Prepared You For

Practicing dentistry is not just a dream, but also a sound economic decision to make good money out of what you love. You have probably burned the midnight oil countless times to get your coveted degree and graduate with flying colors. You might have interned at esteemed dental institutions to gain enough experience and be […]

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What is Keeping Your Teeth From Being White?

Everybody wants to have the perfect white smile. Many enlist the aid of dental practitioners to achieve this, but some are not aware that there are other ways to make sure your smile always radiates a lustrous sheen. The truth is, the things you eat and drink play a big role in how white your […]