Stay Flossy: Bad Breath Facts You Didn’t Know

Nobody dreams of having bad breath. It’s an unpleasant and embarrassing issue that hinders you from functioning properly in your daily life. Dr. Gary Herskovits, D.D.S. from Brooklyn says minty fresh breath saves jobs and marriages. You always believed bad breath or halitosis is caused by something you ate, but…

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The Proper Way of Caring for Your Gums

Much has been said about taking care of your teeth. But what many fail to discuss is proper gum care – and we all should talk about it. After all, your gums are just as important as your teeth. So, all those dental habits you try to practice shouldn’t always…

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3 Things You Wish Your Dental School Prepared You For

Dental Treatment

Practicing dentistry is not just a dream, but also a sound economic decision to make good money out of what you love. You have probably burned the midnight oil countless times to get your coveted degree and graduate with flying colors. You might have interned at esteemed dental institutions to…

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What is Keeping Your Teeth From Being White?


Everybody wants to have the perfect white smile. Many enlist the aid of dental practitioners to achieve this, but some are not aware that there are other ways to make sure your smile always radiates a lustrous sheen. The truth is, the things you eat and drink play a big…

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