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Children’s dentistry

Children’s dentistry is very important in creating healthy teeth from a young age.It can include general dental maintenance, restorative treatment, extractions, orthodontic work and custom-fitted mouth guards. Some dentists can even specialise in anxious children’s dental procedures, where the focus is on making your child feel relaxed while in the dental practice. Quality and reliable children’s dentistry […]

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The Accepted Risks and Alleged Rewards of Do-It-Yourself Dentistry

The Internet is a powerful learning tool. In the field of dentistry, videos of treatment procedures inform patients and educate students through a fast and free medium. Jamila Garza has established quite a reputation for herself on YouTube, teaching thousands about orthodontic measures, specifically how to close dental gaps. Jamila Garza is not a dental […]

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The Proper Way of Caring for Your Gums

Much has been said about taking care of your teeth. But what many fail to discuss is proper gum care – and we all should talk about it. After all, your gums are just as important as your teeth. So, all those dental habits you try to practice shouldn’t always focus on your biters – […]