Swim Season Preparations: Finding the Right Fit for Your Swimsuit

Woman smiling on beachThere is nothing worse than wearing a swimsuit that does not flatter you. A lot of the time, it’s a matter of wearing something that fits, rather than pushing yourself to go down a dress size.

Study Your Body

If you’ve ever tried staring at yourself, naked or close to it, and still could not figure out what shape you are, it’s time to stop. Basing your choices on the closest geometric or fruit shape can be very limiting and, ultimately, frustrating. Try looking, instead, at which features you wish to enhance, and those you wish to hide. This can help you narrow down your options very quickly without making you feel your only choice is a body suit. (Although if that’s what you want to wear, don’t let anyone stop you!)

Check Your Measurements

As much as possible, it’s best to have someone measure you. Taking measurements by yourself can mean some inaccuracies as the tape might not lie as flat as it should. Get a family member or a friend you’re comfortable with to help you out. Make the measurements snug, make sure you can move around fairly comfortably, and write it down. Most important: remember to take it with you when you start shopping.

Where to Buy

Malls and boutiques are usually the first places to check. An advantage of going to a physical store is that you can try everything on, ensuring everything fits the way they should. Most of the time, you can also ask the sales personnel for help finding the right swimsuit for you.

Of course, the most convenient option is still to purchase online. In general, it is safest to buy a 2-piece bikini online than it is to buy a 1-piece suit. The reason for this is that 2-piece suits are often adjustable so if you miscalculate your size, you still have a good chance of getting a great fit.

Once you find the right fit, you can then move on to your next consideration: how the cut and pattern affect the perception of your body shape.