Staying Warm for the Winter: 4 Ways to Dress Up for the Cold Season

friends dressed warmly and having fun

Brace yourself for the chilly and cold weather. The key lies on how well you dressed for the weather. To give you a few lessons on this, here are some fashion tips that are worth knowing.

Layer ‘Em Up!

To give your body enough heat and insulation, consider dressing in layers. It’s recommended that you wear many thin layers than a few thick layers so you could easily strip off when the temperature gets higher. For your first layer, go for silk or polyester fabric but avoid cotton as the cold can easily penetrate right through this material. This should be followed by fleece or wool to keep warm air trapped in your body. Finish it off with parka, coat or winter jacket.

A Trusty Jacket

Invest in a high-quality coat or jacket. To get enough insulation, you should go for heavily-padded ones. Bogner has a wide selection of jackets and other winter wear so you should consider checking them out. Whether you’re looking for ski jacket or normal winter coat, it’s a smart move to invest in quality winter wear so you’ll stay warm even if the temperature is at its lowest.

Wear Hat or Beanie

It isn’t true that body heat escapes through the head, but covering your exposed body parts will make you feel warmer. Wearing a hat or beanie could help retain a person’s body heat. This is necessary especially when you’re going outside.

Gloves & Mittens

Hands and fingers are vulnerable to the cold season as they could easily get chilly, so it’s important that you keep them covered. You’ll find a variety of gloves or mittens, so just pick something that is warm and comfortable enough for you. There’s wool, leather, fleece, and many other options so you’ll undoubtedly find a pair that will match perfectly to your style.

Don’t freeze up during the cold season by following these fashion tricks. When it comes to matters like this, your comfort and well-being is the most important thing. Be sure you put your safety on top of your priority.