Staying Safe in a Flood: What You Should Do

Floods are the most frequent bringers of natural danger in Canada, so it’s helpful to know how to protect your home and what to do if it has flooded. Being prepared can preserve your health, home, and possessions after all.

Flooding can damage any property and leave it vulnerable to structural decay and mold. Flood-proofing it can help prevent water damage and knowing what to do in an emergency can save lives.

Flood-Proof the Home

  • Add Some Swales to the Lawn – Altering the landscaping to include swales, which are indentations in the ground to draw water flow away from the house.
  • Put in a Gravel Driveway – Concrete driveways accumulate puddles in rainy weather. This absorbs water more efficiently, reducing the amount of water that enters in a flood.
  • Install a Backflow Valve – If living in an area that’s prone to flooding, residents could consider hiring a plumber to install a backflow prevention valve.

Have an Emergency Plan

  • Nominate a Person to Call – Make a family emergency plan so everyone knows the steps they should take. Nominate a person to call to let them know everyone is safe. Plan an evacuation meeting point and take food supplies.
  • Have at Least Three Days Supply of Food – Emergency services may not be able to reach people immediately in a flood, so a supply of food and bottled water should be kept.
  • Do Not Walk or Drive through Flood Waters – They can be fast-moving and sweep people and vehicles away. Don’t return to a flooded home without checking with the authorities that it’s safe to do so.

Get a Flood Restoration Specialist

If the house is already breached by flooding, make sure to call a flood restoration expert. High Tech Professional Cleaning & Restoration Services noted that water damage professionals in Canada (or anywhere else) can dry up any building, pump out the water, and dry the affected areas. Waters are also evaluated for sewage. Their professional cleaning will sanitize the environment and make it safe again.

Flooding is the most common natural disaster to affect homeowners. They can reduce risks with water-proofing techniques, and having an emergency kit can keep people safe. If the house is flooded, water damage experts can help clean up and restore it to its former glory.