How to Stay Away from the Crowd and Still Enjoy Queensland

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travel queenslandAustralia has hit a tourism jackpot, at least that’s what news stories tell us at the moment. Just recently, Chinese visitors went over 1 million – and this is good news for the economy. But for travellers, this means one thing: crowds.
For some, the last thing they want to do on a vacation is to weave through throngs of people in tourist spots. This poses the question: what are the activities you can do in Australia that doesn’t involve crowds? In Queensland, there are three things you can do:


Camping is one of the best ways to get away from the crowd Queensland draws every year. When you visit the area and feel like having some alone time with nature, consider two locations: Kinkuna and Borumba Deer Park.

The former is a quiet location perfect for families. You can camp behind coastal dunes, plus it is near waters and beaches. You can choose from over 40 sandy sites here. Most importantly, beach traffic is very minimal.

The latter, on the other hand, is a haven for tent campers. With 15 acres of landscaped rural bush, you can swim, fish, and bush walk in this area. Indeed, it’s a great alternative to crowded tourist spots.


Even though it is a highly popular tourist destination, Queensland has its own share of great eats – and you don’t have to weave through a crowd to eat in these places. One such hidden gem is, a restaurant in Sandgate, Shorncliffe QLD that serves mouth watering high-end pub dishes, such as fresh seafood and sumptuous steaks. When you want to eat good food and veer away from the crowd (with the bonus of a picturesque view), a place like this fits you perfectly.


Yes, there are destinations in Queensland where you can enjoy the sun, the sand, and the sea sans the crowd. Although Buddina is quite popular, it still has a breathtaking hidden gem: Point Cartwright Beach. In this area, you don’t have to tiptoe through beach towels just to enjoy the sun and the sea. When you get bored of the water, you can also have a quick hike to the Point Cartwright lighthouse where the sunset looks amazing every day.

If you aren’t a beach bum, head over to the Cedar Creek Swimming Holes. This location is just 45 minutes away from Brisbane, and it’s one of the best-kept secrets of Queenslanders. Surely, this is a great alternative to crowded resorts and popular beaches.

A vacation in Queensland does not always have to mean a struggle with crowds. When you visit the Land Down Under and want some peace and quiet, visit these locations and enjoy what QLD has to offer.

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