A Sore Back Equates to a Sore Loser?

Back Pain

Back Pain in San DiegoDid you know that the sore pain on your back does not only affect you physically, but also emotionally?

About 65 million Americans suffer from chronic back pain. The widespread nature of back problems does not only result in bodily pain; it also causes poorer life quality and physical distress. From the simple physical ailment to mood swings and unstable relationships, chronic back pain has a huge impact on your life.

Of Mood Swings and Sadness

As time progresses, your condition will eventually take its toll on you, emotionally. When you suffer from chronic back pain, you also deal with the stress of wondering: Will the pain improve? Will I ever get better? Is the medication working at all?

The uncertainty of it all can trigger a series of emotional issues. The emotional side effects of back pain include anxiety, depression, anger, and mood swings. While it is normal to encounter mood changes, if the issue continues to persist, it is time to do something about it.

Compromised Relationships

The emotional side effects of chronic pain can also cripple your relationships. As a result of the pain and the stress, most sufferers tend to shy away from social gatherings. Some friends may find it difficult to understand your situation, resulting in them becoming distant.

According to Intouch Chiropractic, a San Diego-based center, the pain from your condition can also take its toll on your familial relations. The sudden annoyance and misunderstandings due to the pain can result in emotional strains between you and your family.

Physical Limitations = Low Self-Esteem

The chronic pain can disrupt your life and make it more difficult to accomplish even the simplest of tasks. As a result, thoughts of uselessness come out of nowhere, lowering your self-esteem. You think you can no longer do anything.

Living with chronic back pain can make you feel defeated, but you don’t have to suffer for long. Don’t let a sore back stop you from living life to the fullest. If your condition is affecting how you live, best to consult with professionals immediately. With their help and a change of mindset, you can win over your back pain.