Sleeping Is the New Luxury

bamboo bed sheets

In an increasingly sleepless society, you’re one of the lucky few if you get the recommended number of hours of shut-eye per night. There’s too much to do and the hours of the day are not enough to get them done. One hour of overtime per night and the hours you spend stuck in traffic add up to a sleep debt that you just can’t pay off. The result? Decreased productivity and unpredictable moods.

It’s time to take back the night and get some comfortable sleep. Here are the tools to help:

Comfortable Sheets

It’s uncomfortable sleeping on a mattress that’s too soft or too hard. A comfortable but bare mattress will not be enough either. You need comfortable sheets, one of quality so that you can fall asleep easily and deeply. Queen size bamboo sheets will be perfect for your queen size mattress, giving you plenty of space to spend one-third of your life in.

Thick Curtains

Your work schedule might not allow you the privilege of sleeping at night, but sleeping during the day is hard for those who do not have something that blocks the light. Thick curtains are not just decorative; they are functional, especially when you choose the right kind.

A Phone Charger Far, Far Away

Many find falling asleep hard these days because they are always on their phone. Don’t think that this works as a way to unwind and slowly fall asleep: the blue light you’re exposed to is doing just the opposite. Raise your hand if this applies to you: You leave your phone charging nearby while you sleep. This means you’re sabotaging your efforts. To get better sleep, keep your phone off the bed and out of reach.

Sleeping has become a luxury for some, and the adverse effects show on your performance and concentration. It’s time to turn in and get your sleep situation sorted.