Serve Your Country with Military Volunteering

Military Volunteer If you have got free time on your hands, the desire to do something great and you’re physically active, you could look at local volunteer opportunities within the military offered by SAF Volunteer Corps. It would provide you with the opportunity to meet new people and take part in national defence at the same time.

There are several different voluntary jobs available in the military like security, recruitment of other volunteers, event planning, computer support, construction (repair, electricity and plumbing and other ‘handyman’ skills), counselling and befriending skills with veterans, nursing and naval duties. The role you take will depend on what is available and on your previous experience and training.

Benefits of Military Volunteering

There are many great things you can enjoy when you consider military volunteering:

  • Add New Skills to Your Portfolio – In your voluntary role, you will gain valuable new skills to add to your existing portfolio. Volunteering with the military is an excellent addition to your CV and you will be able to obtain good character references from the armed forces. You might also be able to gain other vocational qualifications.
  • Improve Your People Skills – You will become more confident around other people as you work with veterans and other volunteers. You can enhance your interpersonal skills and help others in your role.
  • Access to Healthcare – Volunteers of the armed forces have to be fit and healthy so you will have to have medical checks. There may be a healthcare plan provided for you.
  • Access to Education – Depending on your role, you could be given financial assistance to further your education.

Support National Service

Singapore has a two-year national service programme for all male, abled bodied citizens. Men can choose whether to serve the Singapore Armed Forces, Singapore Civil Defence Force or the Singapore Police Force. By volunteering for the military, you can help support and promote National Service.
To contribute to national defence and receive progressive training, contact us and begin the path to a better you.