Secure Your Prized Possessions at Home

Locksmiths in Double Bay There is no need to take all of your prized possessions with you when travelling during the holidays. Instead, you can leave them inside your fully locked house and take the keys along with you.

Leaving your prized possessions at home when you are going on a long trip or on a vacation is a logical thing to do. It does not mean though that it is also the safest. Your Local Security said that it is during vacations that thieves make their move. You need to ensure that your valuables are kept in an inconspicuous area in your house. But how do you ensure you will not lose the keys that will again allow you access to your prized possessions? Here are some ideas on how not to lose it.

Keep a Copy

Although there are some homeowners who are not too keen on having their keys copied, doing so would do them a lot of good. You need not carry both copies around with you. You can hide a copy of the key in an area in your house known only to you. This way, if you lose the keys you carry around with you, a spare one at home could always allow you to gain access to your possessions. At the same time, as an additional precaution, don’t flaunt your keys around or allow anybody to borrow them.

Mix it

Keep your car and home keys together in a ring, then put them in your pocket. While it might be a little bulky at the outset, it will eventually grow on you. In fact, you will begin to feel off if you do not feel the keys inside your pocket.

Track it down

For maximum safety, you might want to consider buying one of those electronic tracking gadgets that you can attach to the ring of your keys. There is a model that has an app that connects to the phone. In case you misplace the entire ring of keys, you can have your phone track its whereabouts.

But what happens if you really lost the entire ring of keys, like for instance, it fell somewhere and you cannot find it anymore. One of the most doable solutions is to contact a locksmith in Double Bay and ask them to help you out with the locks. These professionals are trained to unlock residential, commercial, and even car doors so you can have access to your property. Once you are able to gain access, have these professionals make new keys for you to use.