RSA Training: Refusing to Provide Alcohol the Right Way

undergoing RSA training

Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and the responsible consumption of alcohol are key pillars in developing a healthier drinking culture amongst Australians. This is why RSA training is mandatory for all staff working in licensed premises.

undergoing RSA training

One of the most important parts of working behind such establishments where alcohol is supplied is to refuse service when appropriate and to state the reasons for your refusal.

As a professional working in premises serving liquors, undergoing RSA training is paramount to learn the right way to handle these situations.

Refuse in a Polite Manner

The refusal of service should be directed in a polite way. Patrons who are suspected of being intoxicated should be spoken to in a suitable and consistent manner, minimising confrontation and arguments and referring to signage. Appropriate assistance should be given to patrons when service is refused.

Give Verbal Warning

Where appropriate, give customers a verbal warning and ask them to leave the premises according to organisation or house requirement. Use proper communication and conflict resolution skills to handle difficult situations.

Accredited training providers of RSA course online give students the opportunity to train and learn these skills at their own pace, enjoy current and constantly updated coursework and to learn from qualified and experience trainers who are hospitality professionals. As a student, they will receive a nationally accredited alcohol service certification.