Rhinoplasty: Reshaping the Nose Through Cosmetic Surgery

consmetic surgery

Cosmetic and corrective surgery has come a long way. With modern advancements in cosmetic surgery, cosmetic procedures continually yield better, more beautiful results.

consmetic surgery

Among all aspects of the face, the nose, being an important facial feature, is one of the most commonly enhanced parts. Nose plastic surgery, referred to as Rhinoplasty, is one a very popular cosmetic procedure. It greatly improves the physical looks of an individual and boosts self-confidence along with better physical appeal.

According to pacificspecialists.com, here are some essential facts about rhinoplasty surgery:

• This surgery involves studying the position of the bones and the cartilage in the nose in order to reposition them.

• It involves a process of reshaping the nose outline.

• Nose enhancement can be done, the bridge of the nose end can be corrected and the angle of the nose with respect to the forehead and mouth can also be corrected.

• Corrections to the tip of the nose and base give the nose a more pointy appearance.

• Implants lengthen the nose if it is too small.

• The surgery requires either general or local anesthesia. This depends on the complexity of surgery.

• If done at an early age, surgery can be non-intrusive and cost less. Late teenage is considered ideal for both sexes.

• Surgeries do not leave scars as surgeons make incisions from inside the nose.

• Though open surgeries can leave scars, they disappear with ample time and proper care.

• The pain and discomfort only last a couple of days and are easily manageable by mild painkillers.

While the above details discuss the need for a nose job for pure cosmetic reasons, there are cases of disfigurement due to accidents involving fire, acids or even road accidents. In such cases, surgery helps restore the victim’s features or simply enhance them.

With today’s modern procedures in cosmetic surgery, you have every reason to have the physical appeal you’ve always wanted.


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