Redesigning Office Pantries Help Boost Worker Morale

Work-Free Pantry at the OfficeWhen it comes to office redesign, companies are quick to replace or upgrade office furniture, workstations, ceilings and lights. But what about revamping break rooms such as office pantries? Some offices have cramped pantries with out-dated fixtures and broken ovens. Redesigning the pantry, however, can help enhance worker productivity and morale. Here’s why:

A Safe Space for Office Workers

Having a work-free space in the office can be refreshing for some workers. Staying in front of the computer for prolonged periods of time can lead to bad posture, migraines and lower back pain. Furthermore, studies show that a comfortable break room can give workers the energy to worker for longer hours.

Encourages Pro-Active Communication

New business models have encouraged collaboration and socialising among office workers, because employers see social skills as a prerequisite for workplace success and a job well done. Pantry areas should likewise encourage interaction among workers, even when they’re on break. Bishop Interiors believes that simple additions such as comfortable furniture and good lighting in the pantry can make for a better collaborative space.

A Wise Use of Space

The functional need of a pantry is to accommodate people eating and preparing their food at the same time. Therefore, there should be designated areas for where people can do each task separately. Disorganized pantry layouts lead to frustration among workers and avoidance of the break room in general, while, in contrast, a well-thought out pantry space can foster positive attitudes and make workers feel re-energized. So keep the needs of workers in mind when redesigning the area.

There are several ways to improve the office setting, especially in area of the office where the employees already stay. Redesigning areas such as the pantry, however, helps establish a work-leisure balance and assures workers there is more to the job than simply meeting target deadlines.